Strength Training is all about Results and Performance that translate into the field of play. Coach Asa Tam and his team deliver that and more. Our athletes go through thorough testing before starting any program to ensure we prepare a program that is age, gender and sport specific. We re-test our athletes every 18 sessions to ensure maximum gains. We expect all of the TEAM VICTORY ATHLETES to see gains in speed, strength, lean muscle mass, flexibility, focus,stamina and fewer games lost to injury.

The Program at Victory Athletic Centre Features

  • Functional Movement Screen to expose deficiencies and areas of potential injury
  • Athletic Assessment to establish baseline Athletic benchmarks
  • Individualized programs
  • Reassessment every 18 sessions
  • Professional training
  • Great atmosphere
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Fundamental Coaching
  • 6:1 Athlete/Coach

Call us to schedule a meeting with our athletic advisors at 905-770-0700 or email us at info@victoryac.com