Is Your Body Playoff Ready?

Hockey is an incredibly demanding sport, with an equally demanding season. For most hockey players, its almost 6 months of grit, grind and glory before the puck drops at the first game of the playoffs. This demand brings with it a unique challenge: Keeping the body at peak performance status well into the length of the playoffs. We call this phenomenon , “The Playoff Bod”. Though challenging to obtain, it is far from impossible. It is going to take some work however.

Complete our Playoff Bod Questionnaire to see if your body is ready for the playoffs:

  1. Do you feel tired after a regular shift?
  2. Do you have a lingering injury that has not healed after a week?
  3. Do you feel muscular pains and soreness more so than usual after each game?
  4. Are you missing more passes and making more tactical mistakes in the 3rd period?
  5. Are you having difficulty battling for the puck in the corners?
  6. Do you ever feel weak or slow in the 3rd period?
  7. Are you getting injured more often than at the beginning of the season?
  8. Do you feel exhausted by the end of a game?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, we’ve got some work ahead of us. Through a functional assessment with our clinical team, we can determine the exact root cause of any performance deficient. From there, we can start the process of building the ultimate Playoff Bod. Muscular imbalance and weakness are often the culprit, other times, chronic or untreated injuries can  seriously hinder performance and lead to more critical injuries. Players with The Playoff Bod, will be an incredible asset to their team and will be a force to be reckon with; Out-skating, Out-battling and Out-performing their competitions with relentlessness and fortitude. Get your Playoff Bod at Victory Athletic Centre.


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