Sports Therapy involves proactive programs and reactive treatments. All athletes will benefit from individual sport medical programs, a body functioning at its best performs at its best. Our Sports Therapy programs include individual treatments, memberships, Baseline concussion Testing and Concussion rehabilitation.
The Victory Medical Centre will provide a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for each athlete.
The FMS will identify areas for performance gain as well as points at risk for potential injury. With the information the FMS provides our medical team works directly with our Strength
Coaches to design an ideal plan for each individual athlete.

The findings from the FMS will lead an athlete with limitations to Pro-Active Program to work individually with our Professional team prior to joining the
High Performance Program.

An athlete with no limitations will proceed directly to the High Performance Program.

Baseline Concussion Testing
What is a Baseline Concussion Test?

Baseline testing is an examination for individual athletes. As a preventative measure. These baseline tests and post-injury tests are assessments that measure

Reaction Time
Speed of Mental Processing
Executive Functioning of the brain.
They also record baseline concussion symptoms and provide extensive information about the athlete’s history with concussions.

Victory Medical Clinic utilizes the premier Dynavision D2™ Visuomotor Training System to provide leading-edge technology in baseline concussion testing.

Why is it Important to get a BASELINE Concussion Test Having baseline test results allows our medical team the ability to compare scores from before and after the injury. This will allow us to determine when the athlete’s can resume normal activities, as well as a return-to-play protocol for their respective sport. Proper diagnosis and treatments are essential for safe return to play. Baseline measures can change over time, so it is recommended that athletes undergo Baseline Concussion annually in order to keep up-to-date parameters. For more information on concussion please visit Baseline Concussion Test $85 Baseline concussion Test with Functional Movement Screening $150 ALL SERVICES COVERED BY MOST GROUP BENEFIT PLANS Call 905-770-0700 or email to book your baseline concussion test now.

Injury Assessment and Treatment

Our highly trained medical staff are experts in assessing an injured athlete and managing the injury accordingly.

We will assess the injury and provide a treatment plan to return the athlete back to play as quickly and safely as possible always with the athletes health and performance in mind.

Without proper care of the initial injury, athletes can continue to do further damage if they return to play too soon or without the proper support.

We strive to provide the athlete, coach and/or parent/guardian with the right information to make the best decision on whether/and when to return an athlete back to play.

Initial mismanagement of injuries can create long term problems for the athletes.

What to expect at your first visit:

The chiropractor will conduct a thorough health history. A physical examination will be conducted, leading to a diagnosis.

The treatment plan will then be created to reflect the diagnosis and structures involved.

The Physical Assessment will consist of:

Gait analysis
Neurological Testing
Active, passive, and resisted range of motion
Functional movement tests
Orthopedic testing
Diagnosis and treatment for conditions including:
Sports injuries
Repetitive strain
Muscle imbalances
Low, mid-back, and neck pain
Treatments will consist of:
myofascial release therapy
joint manipulation/mobilization
medical acupuncture
therapeutic ultrasound

Adults Book a session while your Child is Training.  Benefits of chiropractic care include:
Improved motor control and range of motion in all joints of the body
Improved posture
Symptomatic relief from headaches, neck and back pain
Prevention of work-related muscle and joint injuries
Enhanced athletic performance


Injury Assessment $ 100 (60 mins)
Treatment Sessions $60 (30mins)