Youth Strength Training Benefits Part 2

Prevent Injuries

In any most sports, the body is in constant state of displacing and transferring forces. This is especially true in contact sports. These forces places extremes amount of stress on the body, especially the joints, ligaments and tendons. Proper strength training acts to prepare the body for these stresses, why teaching to body to properly absorb and transfer internal and external forces, which will limit injuries and promotes athletic longevity.

Maximizes Performance

Every aspect of athletic performance can be dedicated by overall strength. The stronger the athlete, the faster, more powerful, more coordinated and stable that athlete can become. Strength serves as the basis, thus the lack of strength can serve as a limitation for athletic performance. An athlete that is consistent in her time in the weight room, will see consistent improvement in her performance.

Promotes discipline

Proper strength training requires a huge amount of maturity, fortitude and discipline. At VAC, our strength training plans are well established and requires our athletes to actively track the amount of load and volume they’re working with, as well as any modification that are made. This helps each athlete to understand that if performance is measured and tracked, it can be better improved and substantiated.

Its Rewarding

Because strength trainng requires a substantial investment of time and energy, it is a great tool for establishing the value of hard work. Hitting new personal records in any measure of performance (broad jump, 20m Sprint, 1RM Bench Press etc) is incredibly rewarding for all athletes, because it is an absolutely and objective indication that they are improving. With that, comes renewed confidence as well as self affirmation and value.

Healthy Living

Regardless of the duration of one’s athletic career, the time spent in  training is often a high in an athlete’s life, and will help to establish habits of physical fitness and activity that will last a life time. With obesity rate increasing in North America, it is important to teach our children the value and importance of exercise, proper nutrition  and making healthy life style choices. Strength training is a part of that education process. As mentioned earlier, it promotes discipline as well as rewards. It is a great means to reinforce a healthy and activity life style.


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